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Desert Lilly WOW

What a design, what a collection of colours! Which delicious design are we talking about!? Desert Lilly! A collection of vibrant colour and bold design, perfect to bring your interiors to life!

I am in love with having this design in the Studio at the moment, why!? Firstly have you seen that floral detail? And of course how can I forget to mention that undeniable colour! I've recently had the absolute pleasure of the full Desert Lilly Collection in the Studio over the past week, just to see the collection of colours together fills my heart with smiles! Cheesy!? Sorry, I can't help it, I love fabric, design and colour too much!!!

I absolutely loved working on this design, it was the final design to the Desert Lilly Collection and what a finale of a design, don't you think!? I knew it had to be bold, vibrant and ... Wild! When it came to the colour selection, well, I was finding the balance between that wild desert lily flower and those vibrant uplifting positive tones. As soon as I saw this stunning dark green background tone against the designs vibrant colour mix, they paired beautifully and the colour journey began! Desert Wild was born and has proved showstopping in so many beautiful ways...

Just like Maya Sunrise, this blue sunrise tone had my heart straight away! Beautifully uplifting, how could I not include this in the collection!? ...

Ready for the pink pop!? Check out Lila Lilly Zest... Deliciously Stunning! A zesty mix of colours that compliment beautifully against this Lila Lilly Pink Pop. How can these zesty tones not uplift your mood and make your interiors smile! Ready to get Zesty!? ...

A soothing tone down with Desert Ray, a calming reflection of the designs colour mix. Tones that make you want to relax, then re-energise! A fabulous contrast of colour that brought the collection together and a beautiful balance between creating a soothing element among the vibrancy.

Feeling Desert Lilly Inspired!? How could you not with all this beautiful colour and floral beauty! Desert Lilly has been printed on one of our finest fabrics, Cotton Half Panama, as you can see, the grain detail is just stunning and the detail and print quality is showstopping! Cotton Half Panama is a great fabric to use for so many soft furnishing and re-upholstery projects, from redesigning a headboard for a stand out bedroom feature, to giving that tired looking chair a new life with some creative TLC, re-upholster that chair and create a showstopping feature piece. Not forgetting creating a bespoke set of curtains, can you just vision that WOW look!? You should walk into your room and it should make you smile ... Desert Lilly will do that every time, everyday!

Remember you can contact me at the Studio if you have any interior questions, need advice or if you need any more information on the fabrics we use. We can print on a mixture of finest fabrics, please get it touch and we can chat! So, get that creative head on and we can talk interiors, fabrics and your stylish dreams!

Speak soon,

L x


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