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Cushion Must Have's

How can you not have a slight obsession with these must have homeware accessories!? For all those important moments for relaxation, putting those feet up and having that much needed me time, cushions are a compulsory home accessory to help you kick back and relax in the ultimate blissful luxury at home!

I can honestly say my sofa has plenty of cushions on, and our Master Bedroom bed has ... hmmm maybe six or seven cushions scattered, how could I not!? Not to have this cushion luxury around my house would be wrong! I love having a mix of colour and texture around the house and cushions are such a great way to introduce these features! Which is a few reasons Frantasia Haze had to include an exclusive cushion collection in our fabulously floral pattern designs... Cushions and interiors are a match made in heaven!

Frantasia Haze Bespoke Cushions. Harrogate. Floral, Bright, Cushions

So, in the Studio we are and the cushion creations begin. Every Frantasia Haze cushion creation is bespoke made and we wouldn't have it any other way! It means every cushion has all the attention it needs and deserves for every individual detail for their beautiful creation.

Frantasia Haze Cushions

Why do we design and make our cushions the way we do!?

Firstly, it's very much all about the pattern, fabric and being environmentally friendly with our soft furnishings processes. All our bespoke cushions are created using our exclusive designs and printed on the finest fabrics we adore working with. We only cover the front of the cushion with our showstopping fabric, why!? Because the cushion front is the face, it's the main event, we don't believe such beautiful patterns should be hidden in all pattern glory on the back of a fabulous cushion. So, what did we decide to do? ... Well, the environment is very important to use and Frantasia Haze wants to do everything we can do help it in any way. Which is why we use the most beautiful recycled and organic cotton back fabric for all of our bespoke cushions! As soon as we saw this fabric, we fell in love. It has the most beautiful organic fabric grains, a stunning soothing natural colour tone and a soft and luxury feel. It worked perfectly and our exclusive designs continue to work in harmony with this beautiful eco fabric, we couldn't be more proud to use such beautiful fabrics!

Now time for the contrasting edge piping! I am very much a contrasting colour kind of designer, one who loves to dare and test colour combinations within interior and fashion. This contrasting piping gives the cushion a frame as a stunning finish and elevates the design and pattern itself. It's a finish we will always design with, because it works so beautifully and finishes the cushions off with characterful luxury and elegance, as they all deserve! What's next!? It's got to be the signature Frantasia Haze logo ... All our Cushion Craze designs are finished with one of our FH logo's ...

Not forgetting one of our final finishing touches of luxury, our handmade fabric buttons. And what a finishing touch they are! Why did we choose a button fastening over a zip!? Well, a lot ... if not all cushions you buy these days are finished with a zip fastening, here's a few reasons we didn't choose to follow ... 1) More use of non biodegradable materials (Not helping the planet). 2) Breakage, zippers have a tendency to break and are fiddly to fix, sometimes unfix-able. 3) It's just a finish, not a signature finish!

Three reasons we choose our handmade fabric buttons, 1) Designed and bespoke made to each individual cushion for one of our Frantasia Haze signature finishes, it's all about the small details. 2) More environmentally friendly and we use even the smallest off cuts of our fabrics, our fabrics are never wasted. 3) Buttons live forever and extremely easy to replace, if needed!

It's important at Frantasia Haze we follow our passion and continue to follow our artistry to design an create something unique as well as making sure all those small ways we are helping the planet, count! Not only do our cushions bring that luxury bliss to your me time moments, they create a story and character for your interiors. Your living is your space and your space only to escape from anything you need to, it's important to design a space and allow yourself to escape, design a space that makes you and your interiors smile! Be proud of your inner interior goddess and show your character! Bring home the cushion character!

How to order our bespoke cushion luxury!?

It's easy, all you have to do is select your chosen designs on the website and follow the journey to making your cushion purchase. Once you have decided and made your purchase, the Frantasia Haze Studio will be busy making your chosen cushions and have these sent to you within our 14 day working day time frame! If you have any questions about any of our designs or you would like to know a little bit more about our fabrics, get in touch with the Studio. We are more than happy to help you with any of our designs or fabrics!

Ready to browse the Frantasia Haze Cushion Luxury!? ... Enjoy!

Speak soon,

L x


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