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Cushion Craze

It's natural for us to have a slight obsession with these undeniable homeware accessories. How can a cushion not bring you joy and pure luxury at those most important moments in life... Which is to relax!

One of the best things about cushions is that you can just choose one to highlight and feature in a cosy corner or choose a cushion cluster of six and really plump the living room luxury up. Mixing and matching with colour and patterns is a great way to bring new texture and introduce pops of colour, this is something I love to do! The exclusive Frantasia Haze cushion collection is the perfect mix and match, pattern clash, carnival of colour, showstopping check me out designs you need to style that WOW look!

When it's time to sit back and relax and I'm wanting to create the perfect space to do that in, it's top priority to make sure my favourite cushions are at the ready. You must have a favourite cushion!? Or three!? It's safe to say I have at least ten favourite cushions around my house. So, when I was sat there deciding what home-wares to design for the Frantasia Haze Collection, I couldn't not design and introduce this stunning designer cushion collection, I had so many ideas!

Straight away I knew styles and elements I wanted Frantasia Haze to use for our exclusive cushions. Piping was a must, I adore those extra details and I was daydreaming of contrasting piping that pops and looks just fabulous with the designs. Don't you think the piping just adds that little bit more character and creates the cushion to be a feature piece!? How fabulous doers this golden honey piping look with Fuchsia Lilly in Maya Sky!? ...

When it came to deciding on the fastening, it was either Zip or Button, which do you go for!? Well, after much thought a trialing, Frantasia Haze decided on our exclusive handmade fabric buttons, why? Firstly because I loved the face Frantasia Haze can design and hand-make the buttons to each individual design, not only this, but they add that little bit extra which I think looks fabulous! Iv had many cushions in the past that have zips, the only annoying thing about them is that if they brake they are fiddly to fix and a button, if lost or removed, takes not even five minutes to re attach! Plus don't you think the buttons are a unique finish? They are so much fun to make!

Frantasia Haze, Fabric Buttons, Cushions
Frantasia Haze Handmade Fabric Buttons

Another unique element to our Fabulous Cushions is the backing fabric, nature and the environment are very important to me and at Frantasia Haze I wanted to make sure we can do what we can, when we can. I had seen this beautiful 100% recycled and organic fabric that would match perfectly with all of the designs, colours and fabrics. The natural imperfections and soft grain is so beautiful and I just fell in love with this fabric. So, each exclusive design is proudly finished using our 100% recycled and organic backing fabric, not only does it make these designs that be more exclusive, they are helping the planet to, bonus!

100% Recycled & Organic Cushion Back Fabric

The Fabulous Frantasia Haze Cushion Craze Collection is available in the full range of exclusive designs, browse and shop the Full Collection! Remember ... Don't be afraid to mix and match, be bold and wild with colour and design!

Speak soon, L x


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