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Creative Up-Cycle

I know over the years I have looked at some of my house furniture and thought, "you need to go, your old, scratched and you look dated". As I am sure you have plenty of times too, but why do we automatically thing, throw away!? Out with the old in with the new! When yes, in some cases new house hold items are much needed to be replaced and have no hope in returning to a striking bespoke piece. But just take a moment before you decide that sideboard or chair is for the skip! It could be a treasured creative piece!

Be inspired by the furniture you have got, bring them back to life with some creative TLC! A little time, love, paint, fabric, and trimmings, you will fall back in love with your furniture! Create something bespoke and exclusive that makes everyone WOW! Just like this Creative Up-Cycled Dining Chair project ....

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Beautiful is it not!? This chair was once a boring tatty looking dining chair with no colour or spark, now look at it's character and luxury!? These colour tons together are just stunning!

Today you can get such an incredible variety of furniture paint in a rainbow colour palette, I haven't once not found the colours I have been looking for. Sometimes it's worth having a good look in-store browsing the colour choices and you will instantly know which colour you want and which tones will work for your creative project. Don't be reserved, let your creativity spark new ideas!

You get such a creative buzz and proud moment when your creative up-cycle project is completed and you can step back and admire your hard work. Yes, it might take you an hour or so for preparing the project and another a few hours to complete all the finishes, but my goodness it is worth is! Just think, you will have a piece of furniture no on else has! A creative up-cycle project that make those visiting furniture jealous and you will be inspiring more to try a creative up-cycle project them selves!

Our Exclusive Fabric Designs are perfect for those showstopping upholstery projects that deserve luxury and stunning design! So, when you need that inspiration for that upholstery project... Be sure to check out the Frantasia Haze Fabric Collection! We have all the floral luxury and colour you could need and want!

Don't forget to get in touch with your creative projects, we love to see and hear about what your fabulous creative minds are creating, especially using our fabrics!

Speak Soon,

L x


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