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Colour Therapy, BE BOLD

It seems like all these new "modern" houses go with 'less is more'. Some go as far as no blinds, no curtains... I wouldn't dream of it! I live for fabrics, textures and tones, you need a balance and a mixture of all these elements to create warmth and charter that build your homes individuality.

I'm very much all about the curtains! And why wouldn't you be!? They can create a stunning focal point in any room, it's a great way to elevate the room with colour an pattern. Curtains to me, are the room, they make the room and are a style piece as a designer, an interior element I adore working with! Pinch-pleat, Box Pleat, Tailored Pleat, Eyelets, Pelmets ... I'm there!

Have you been debating blinds, curtains or neither!? With every room in the house I debate the same questions, but always end up with ... Curtains! I just love the traditional features with a modern twist and curtains are very traditional, yet can be used to create the most showstopping and fabulous interior look for any room! It's not always about the size of the room either, you can use them in small box rooms to a large master bedroom, they actually can make the room look bigger, smaller and more shaped.

Following our colour therapy tips and tricks, how about this showstopping look for some interior inspiration!? This fabulous look is a staring eyed loved style that has created that WOW look every time! What do you think? ... The soft background tones with sailors white and soft pear sea foam set the carnival of colour off in these bold and floral bespoke curtains. Which design is this I hear you ask!? It's Desert Lillt in Desert Wild. Definitely Wild and definitely designed to be bold!

Desert Lilly in Desert Wild £82.9 per metre

The beautiful interior space was designed with a relaxing and energising theme in-mind. A space that you can relax and feel clam yet invigorated, uplifted and energised. I'd say this interior space has used the perfect combinations of tones, textures, pattern and colour to capture the style and palette perfectly! A beautiful balance between colour palettes and detail.

The Frantasia Haze Desert Lilly design in Desert Wild was designed to create impact and to turn heads, it's a design that can be adapted throughout the house in any room and a design that pairs perfectly with so many colour tones. One of our tips for this look and working with our wild design is, chooses a color tone within the curtain itself. Here the color focus was green and we decided to lighten the shades to find that this beautiful pear sea form worked perfectly. This tone picks ups the detailed bold elements within the design and they compliment each other beautifully, creating a stylish and showstopping look.

You can work with a range of colour tones within this design, we firstly had a looked at pinks, dark cerise, raspberry and even soft candy pink tones, some of which worked but for the interior theme, the green palette was the go to. Remember, you can play with so many colour tones, they don't have to be an exact match, they just need to compliment and elevate each other. First, choose your fabric and design, secondly, choose a focus colour from the fabric design you'd like to explore and ... Go explore. Find three or four colour tones from your chosen focus tone and sample them together. When you find the perfect match, you will just know and there you have it, the look will come together!

Now, what comes after the look, you've got the painting done, curtains up, furniture in place, it's now time for the accessories. Those finishing touches of luxury that bring the look together and finish off your interior space! Well, this design was teamed with our Fuchsia La Vine Art Print in Lemon Silk, the subtle tones and coloured pops of floral design style perfectly with this look, all the tones in the space compliment each other and work in stylish harmony! You notice the art print, yet it doesn't over take, which is exactly what we wanted because the curtain fabric is the main focus. Not forgetting the frame... The frame always has an impact on the overall finish and is another important element to consider. We do offer framing advice and we are always very happy to help and discuss ideas for you to get the look right and complete your interior style perfectly, contact the Studio for anymore information or help with your creative interiors.

Are you feeling inspired, wanting to get creative with your style!? Go on... Give it a go, we are here to help, give you inspiration and design you a colourful and happy living space. Browse all our latest designs, decide on your favourite colours and order some fabric samples to start your colourful Frantasia Haze living!

Speak soon,

L x


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