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Colour Therapy

Colour. Why does colour have such an impact in ours lives!? Do we even notice how colour impacts our every day living!? There is so many questions you could ask, but one thing is for certain and that's colour has an influence and massive impact on our energy and mindset.

I know I have always been drawn to colour, loved seeing pattern clashes and a mixture of unconventional tones thrown together. I certainly am not a three tone individual or definitely not a black, grey, magnolia kind of woman. This is very safe to say, as you might have noticed from Frantasia Haze and my wild crash bang colour palettes. I'd say I go with more of a daring, vibrant, why the hell not colour palette and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Are you like this!? Or are you someone who has always admired and loved colour, textures, patterns, but not really been sure how to use them!? Not known where to even start!? Have you ever asked yourself... Why not just go for it, trust your style and rock the look!? It is your own interior space, you can create 'The Look' what ever that look is as you will be living in this space for a lot of your time, so it's important to get this right. To help you with 'The Look' and creative ideas, I am developing my interior projects and interior design inspirational looks to give you all the inspiration you could need ...

One of many reasons why I adore the latest design Blossoming Scent is because it is subtle in it's attention and the colour ways provide a mixture of light and mid tones that suit a variety of interior design spaces. As you can see from the above living space inspiration project, how stunning does Blossoming Scent in Midnight Sun look for this reupholstered sofa and matching floor lamp!? My eyes light up with hearts and if I could give this whole look a hug ... I would!

When styling this space I chose to tone down the look with keeping the throw and art print neutral, I did play around with the Fuchsia Sunkiss version of this print which is a vibrant pink, but I felt the enchanting subtleties within the Blossoming Scent sofa fabric needed 100% focus and the Lemon Mint art print in Fuchsia La Vine Bold brought a subtle but complimentary element to the space. Which elevated the room and enhanced the details within the sofa fabric and floor lamp, looks fabulous don't you think!?

Of course I have to add a pop of extra colour with the Colour Match Mandarin Sun Chenille Fabric Cushion and one of the latest Desert Lilly prints in Lila Lilly Zest (coming soon), how stunning do these tones look together!? They might be completely different colours but they work beautifully together and bring a touch of contemporary style and super stylish elegance! What a space it proved to be ... I am looking forward to working on some more interior projects and bringing new inspiration to the website for my fabulous customers to use. So watch this space, more stylish spaces heading your way!

Do you have an old chair or sofa that needs a re-vamp and creative TLC!? You don't have to go and buy a new one, why not consider re-upholstery?! My goodness, the looks you could create with an abundance of fabrics and designs. Just like this sofa, you can create a striking, unique and individually stylish look and actually design the vision for your interior space. How fabulous does that sound!? I'm already thinking about some upholstery projects of my own, I have a lounge chair and footstool with Blossoming Scents name on it, oh and a window seat. I'm sure you must have a chair that is looking at you saying "please give me a makeover!?" Well ... What are you waiting for, go for it and give it the creative TLC it deserves!

There is so many colour combinations to choose from and sometimes it's the case of where to even start. I'm going to put it out there, dare I say it ... But I just don't get the Noiosa Colours (Noiosa is Italian for boring, I just think it's a prettier word to use) ... That's my interior word for white, magnolia and beige. If you don't mix these Noiosa Colours with actual colours, such as orange, green or yellow (just to pick a few of my favourites)!? Why would you want to see Noiosa colours that give nothing back!? It's proven that colours such as Orange, Green and Yellow are colours that give us positive feelings and emotions, these colours uplift our mood and bring us little bits of happiness, so why not use them!?

The Design Mix I have chosen to feature in this Colour Therapy Blog Post are Blossoming Scent in Blossoming Scent, Desert Lilly in Lila Lilly Zest, Desert Lilly in Maya Sunrise and of course the star of the show, Blossoming Scent in Midnight Sun. Why have these designs been put together? Because they all compliment each other in stunning individual ways and clash together in a way that mismatch, indulge and empower each other to create that 'WOW'! These colour combinations are Colour Therapy Heaven and uplift your mood, spirit and energy to live happier and make you and your interiors smile.

Everyone has a favourite colour, have you asked yourself why this colour is your favourite!? It's probably because it makes you feel good and you enjoy seeing this tone because of the uplifting emotion it gives you. The other question is... Have you got this colour in your everyday life at home!? I hope so, you need to if not and you need to check these tones are surrounding you in not just one accessory or element but through several. If the room smiles at you, you will want to smile back and smiles are a BIG must over at Frantasia Haze... Or what's the point!

Feeling inspired and energised to bring the colour home!? Get in touch, let me know your ideas and if you need any advice, Frantasia Haze is here to help. Your vision we can help create, so let's get creating!

Speak Soon,

L x


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