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Colour That Just WOW'S

Earlier this year Frantasia Haze launched our very special Colour Match Collection, a collection inspired to beautifully tone perfectly together with all our exclusive designs. These colours have been exclusively handpicked and selected to colour match for all interior spaces and designed to be used in harmony with Frantasia Haze's stunning floral designs. And I have been so lucky to be working with these stunners ...

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Fabric Delight in the Studio

Over the last week I have been busy in the Studio working with these two beautiful fabrics, Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics which is pairing beautifully with Colour Match in Mandarin Sunlight. How fabulous do these colours look together!? I absolutely love these tones, they complement each other and create a radiant style, radiance and style that bounce off each other and make showstopping interiors ... Which I can not wait to see! Curtains, Cushions, Headboards, Arm Chairs ... Upholstery, oh how the possibilities are just endlessly beautiful!

One of the reasons I wanted to design and create the Colour Match Collection was because of the delicious and vibrantly stunning looks they could create together and these two have proved me right! As much as I love a little pattern clash and pattern on pattern and more pattern with more colour and then a sprinkle of more colour, I knew selecting four exclusive block colours to match perfectly with the entire collection was a way to bring elements of interior design together, with colour and texture that will compliment the detail and design of the pattern designs which I create.

I had to choose three of my finest fabrics for the Colour Match Collection to be available in, Chenille, Cotton Half Panama and Shimmer Velvet. These three luxury fabrics are our most popular fabrics for interior design and great for upholstery! If you have any questions about the fabrics we use, just get in touch with the Studio or click here to find out a little more: Finest Fabrics.

I adore working with all these fabrics but this week its all about Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics and Colour Match in Mandarin Sunlight. Fuchsia Lilly in Fuchsia Tropics is printed on our luxury Chenille and Colour Match in Mandarin Sunlight has been printed on Shimmer Velvet ... So beautiful! I am super looking forward to seeing these two designs and colours in an interior setting ... They are going to create a WOW look!

Feeling inspired!? Contact the Studio and browse our Fabulous Fabric Collection!

Speak soon,

L x


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