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Azalea Bloom in the Making ...

As I continue to work on the New Collection ... The more and more ideas I have, this is obviously great, but at the same time I need to tell myself to hold off from the continuous new ideas and to focus on finalising the collection itself. Because if I didn't, I would be working on one collection for years down the line!

I couldn't be happier with how the new collection is coming together and the new timeline plan has now given me extra time to really capture even more details I want to add towards the collection. For me to then have a smooth and very exiting collection launch to look forward too!

Azalea Bloom is a powerful piece for Frantasia Haze and for me as a Designer, as it's brought together aspects of nature and an international art style that I adore. This collection has allowed and created me to explore design creativity and develop the designer I am and the designer I will continue to be!

So, no pressure!

This makes me even more excited to introduce you to the new designs and the style approach I have developed. Azalea Bloom holds 5 Exclusive Deigns, all with individual twists and style that compliment each other for this very exciting new collection.

What do you make of the elements shown here!? Can you begin to imagine what designs are being made!? Don't worry, you don't have to wait long.. April 10th will be here before we know it! And Frantasia Haze can share with you what the Studio has been working on for many months! How exciting!

As Azalea Bloom is still in the making... The continuous work towards finalising the fabrics, art and new products are on the way, everyday! As that launch day approaches closer with each day, Frantasia Haze can't wait to bring Azalea Bloom to the Exclusive online boutique.

I will keep you posted on the collection progresses... Remember ... April 10th!

Speak soon,

L x


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