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I have some wonderful new updates for you ... You will have seen the Art Print Collection across the website, well Frantasia Haze has made a few changes and found a Fabulous New supplier to work with. I was on the look out to work with more local businesses with beautiful attention to detail... And I have found them!

The previous Frantasia Haze Art Prints came with the options of frames, well I have decided to just sell the prints unframed in three sizes, with a custom print size available too. All prints are mounted, on backing board and wrapped in cellophane. Although the frame option was a great option, working in Interiors and being a designer, every home and every individual style will reflect in the details they choose, such as an art print and frame. It is surprising how different a print can look in different frames, whether you are going sleek and modern, chunky and bold or ornate and detailed. It's actually a very important decision to make to get the look right and I want to offer that to my fabulous customers.

I had great fun working on the design and absolutely love the finished piece. I hope you do too!? The bold tones and striking shapes bring to design to life and elevate the life to the design that I was visualising when creating the print. The art prints are currently available in three sizes, A3, A2 and A1 and printed on an exceptional 100% cotton rag 300gsm paper that has a very soft textured surface with a matt finish. Approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild for Giclee prints. You can find the Fuchsia Lilly Art Print Design in three Exclusive colours, Skylight Summer, Lemon Bumblebee and Maya Tropics, such delicious colour!

I am super excited to be working with Frantasia Haze's new printing suppliers and proudly supporting independent businesses local to me and in the UK. The new Frantasia Haze art prints will be printed in Merseyside, North West England. I am super happy and glad to have them on the Frantasia Haze team!

Over the next few weeks I will be working on the photography for the new mounted art prints, I am looking forward to sharing these with you. .. Keep a look out!

Speak soon,

L x


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