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Time to create a living room of luxury!? Have you got an old sofa or chair that needs some creative TLC!? Well, this sofa did and look at it's new look, stunning isn't it!? All you need is Frantasia Haze fabric, our Must Have Homeware accessories and, The Vision! So, what are you waiting for!? Let's start creating that stunning space for a stylish living you can lounge in everyday! 

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Fabulously Floral 

Don't be shy with colour, contrasting tones work beautifully together. Just look at Lilia Lilly Zest, bold chic! 

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Elegant Twist

Use softer tones and detail to balance and harmonise. Just like our Fuchsia La Vine Art Print, a vibrant twist and modern elegance! 

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Daydreaming Fabrics for Curtains that are made to WOW,    upholstery projects that will turn into dream designs! Lampshades that will light up your living and headboards for bedroom features of bliss... Just to name a few ideas! Shop our Exclusive range of fabrics and start creating that dream vision


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It's all about the curtains, how can it not be!? Curtains bring a huge feature to a room along with warmth, texture and character! For Frantasia Haze, they are a Must Have! All that luxury design and fabric, how can you not want that draped in your living room of luxury, bedroom of bliss or that divine dinning room!? Just take inspiration from this open plan kitchen living space ... Vibrantly charming and stylishly characterful! Yes, Yes and YES!

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Divine Decor

Work with contrasting textures and tones with added vibrancy to define your interior space. Compliment and contrast just like our Fuchsia La Vine Art Print helps elevate this open plan living! 

Frantasia Haze Fabric. Desert Lilly in Desert Wild. Floral Fabric. Luxury Interior Bold Patterned Curtain Fabric.

Statement Fabric

Create a Must Have feature look with curtain fabric that is just irresistibly undeniable! Bold, Vibrant and Characterful, just what open plan living needs! 

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Be inspired by the furniture you have got, bring them back to life with some creative TLC! A little time, love, paint, fabric, and trimmings, you will fall back in love with your furniture! Create something bespoke and exclusive that makes everyone WOW! Our Exclusive Fabric Designs are perfect for those showstopping upholstery projects that deserve luxury and stunning design! 


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